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Joining the Dreamwidth exodus

I have joined the Dreamwidth exodus - using the name hutchingsmusic over there. Hopefully will get round to finding some of you soon...

Still here, and #choirsagainstracism

I felt I had to do something to combat racism, xenophobia and hatred in the UK. I write music. So here it is: #choirsagainstracism - free music at http://www.hutchingsmusic.co.uk/choirsagainstracism . Free to use to fight for equality, refugees' rights, political causes, staying in the EU, fundraising for anti-racist causes or to support people abroad who need it... if in doubt about whether it's OK to use this music, email me, hutchingsmusic@hotmail.com .

Thank you so, so much to Michael Rosen for giving me permission to use his text for the first piece, "I Was Listening..." for piano, singer(s) and optional speaking chorus or solo speaker.

The second piece is "No Man Is An Island", a John Donne setting for 3-part choir, fairly easy.

More to be added soon hopefully. It won't necessarily be all pieces by me.

All choirs are welcome to use these pieces to fight xenophobia, raise funds for refugees or against racism, pursue political causes, etc. If in doubt about whether it's appropriate, email me. (Non-profit causes only for now please, ask me before making recordings for sale.)

P.S. Please share with any choirs or singers you know.

(yes, I know hashtags are meaningless on Livejournal)


I'm coming down to London for a premiere (a piece of mine won a competition): http://www.chigwellchoir.org/calendar.htm

I'll be around on 15th and 16th November (staying with the lovely the_lady_lily and Geoff). Would anyone like to meet up?

General plans:
option 1: dinner at the King William pub in Chigwell early evening on the 15th, with Liz and Geoff too hopefully
You'd also be welcome to come along to the concert after that, and indeed I hope many people will! And probably some drinks afterwards.

option 2: meet up on the 16th (my flight back from Stansted isn't until 8pm), either somewhere near Loughton for brunch-ish, or somewhere near Liverpool Street (which my train leaves from) for an early dinner.

If you'd like to be involved in any of these plans, let me know!

Some non-referendum news!

And a bit of good news I hadn't shared on here yet:

"Dear Chris,
Congratulations, you have won the Chigwell Choir composition competition! Judith and I loved your piece and thought the text was very creative. The prize is a performance and £400 cash.
You will be presented the award by composer Judith Bingham on the below date. You are welcome to attend the rehearsal on the day of the concert too - let me know.
You'll be contacted by the choir's admin team shortly to give more information.
Congrats again!
All best

Saturday, 15th November 2014, 7:30 pm
100 Years of Poppies
at the New Hall, Chigwell School, East London (Buckhurst Hill, nearest tube station)"

Would anyone London-based like to join me at the concert? I could probably arrange comp tickets for up to 2 people.

The text in question:
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Jun. 5th, 2014


Concert at St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, on Friday 20th June at 8pm - and it will feature "O Praise The Lord Ye Angels Of His" which the choir commissioned from me last year! This is for the launch of their new CD "O Clap Your Hands", music from 1914-2014. Tickets are £10 - let me know if you'd like me to keep one for you.

Website sections

I've revised my website a bit, and split the "scores" section into several pages by category - you can now see a whole bunch of different things. Do people think this is more useful?

Any other categories you'd like to see?

Also, note to self: send scores for these (may be of interest to other composers also):

Premieres in Chicago!

My setting of "In The Bleak Midwinter" will be featured in these concerts:

(Score here and recording here if you're interested- the recording is of a rearrangement for SSABar but has most of the same notes.)

Does anyone have friends in Chicago who might be interested?

Premiere from America!

This is "The Water Cycle" performed by "AppleChor", a choir of elementary school children from Racine, Wisconsin, conducted by a lovely chap called Jack Senzig. Music by me! Words by Julia Laylander, an American poetess. The three of us have never met but we made this.

[see all the lyrics]precipitation
Once I was a raindrop falling from the sky:
I trickled down a stream into a river rushing by.
The river full of raindrops washed me out to sea,
The currents took me round the world,then sunshine set me free:
It's called evaporation, and now I'm in a cloud,
A vapor soaring higher, and feeling very proud,
I'm floating in the troposphere, a lovely place to be:
If you were up this high as well, just think what you could see!
But oh! it's very cold up here, my molecules are freezing,
And soon I'll be a snowflake, and maybe I'll start sneezing!
But now I see a mountaintop: I think I'll float on down
And join the other snowflakes in their sparkly frozen town.
When it's springtime and I'm melting, and all my friends are, too,
We'll be flowing down the mountainside, in rivers old and new,
Heading for the ocean, but we'll stop along the way,
So all can have enough to drink, each and every day.
My name is always water, you can call me H2O:
I'm liquid, solid, vapor too, I'm flexible you know!
It's called the water cycle, all these changes I go through.
I do like being water, wouldn't you, wouldn't you?
I do like being water, wouldn't you?
precipitation, evaporation, condensation, freezing

Dec. 3rd, 2012

PhD viva, this Thursday. Any advice from people who have survived it or are about to do so?